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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Entrepreneurship

thinkbusiness The Advantages and Disadvantages of EntrepreneurshipThe term entrepreneurship in business has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of being entrepreneur are people can earn a lot of money from their business. It can happen if their business is very interesting to the customers. And that condition can make the business is more famous in society. Beside it, by becomes an entrepreneur, people can determine their future by themselves. It is caused that the people who are entrepreneurs should organize, manage, and calculate the risks of their business by themselves. So thus an entrepreneurship can lead the people to earn a lot of money and as the stock for the future.

The important thing is an entrepreneur will take the benefit for him of herself only. On the other hand, an entrepreneurship also gives some disadvantages for the people. For example, the people who are entrepreneurs will not have more time to just relax or refreshing. It is because they have to work for long hours to manage the business. Entrepreneurs organize and manage the business by themselves. Even, if they cannot handle the business, they can fall down and fail. In some cases, that condition was happened to the passive and uncreative people or entrepreneurs. While in the active and creative entrepreneurs, that condition will not happen.

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